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:-) :-D :-| :-( ;-) ;-D :cool:
Michal Srna
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Teda, že se dáš na komerční focení dětí bych nikdy nevěřil, po obdivování tvých krajinek... Nicméně stránky moc pěkné a fotky dětí také. Možná v budoucnu... ;-) Měj se!
Tomáš Valenta
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Ahoj, koukám, že máš nový webík :) Krása a fotky ještě krásnější :-)
Susan Cooke
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Thankyou Radim for your time and patience and for taking such beautiful photos of our Charlotte. It was wonderful that you were able to come to our house and take the photos that way Charlotte was relaxed and in her own environment.
You have a special talent to work so effectively with babies, we loved how you were patient and let Charlotte be herself before you captured that special moment.
We have shared the photos you have taken with our family and everyone has commented on how beautiful they are
So thanks again and i would recommend you a thousand times over to anyone wishing to have photos taken of their baby
Monika Spitzerova
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Nádherná prácička :-D
Michaela Sýkorová
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A tyhle jsou taky moc fajn :-). Míša
Katherine Moffett
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I could not be happier with how our photo shoot went. The photos turned out amazingly!! You really have a gift! These photos I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you again and Ill see you next year for yet another lot of family photos!! :-D
Katerina, Sydney
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Hi Radim, we wanted to thank you again for a great afternoon and all the lovely photos. The whole family loves them! You managed to capture the personality of our son so well. I also must say that your patience and flexibility were great as well. Keeping up with a toddler could sometimes be a challenge but not for you :-) We hope to book another session with you soon. Good luck with everything.
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Dear Radim, a big THANK YOU for amazing photos of our precious daughter. You have done an excellent job. I appreciate your willingness and that you always had time for us.
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Thanks Radim for the work you have done with our little Vanessa. The photos you have done are wonderful and the whole family loves them. We wish you many more wonderful photographic opportunities!!!
Tina, Sydney
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Thank you Radim for the stunning photos. Your work is proudly framed and hung on my living room walls. I am so impressed with your photographic ability. Your work captured the most beautiful moments. The fact that you were so willing at ALL stages speaks volumes. It was a pleasure to spend time with your great personality. Your photography really shines!
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